Determined to Rock the party

With passion DJ Mark More gets on stage every time to do what he does best, rocking parties! As soon as he gets his hands on the decks, he is in the zone. He chooses each track carefully and always captures the audience! Born an entertainer, lives for the music, determined to rock it.

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Mark More is in the house

The night is young, the atmosphere relaxed. Mark enthusiastically assumes his position behind the decks. He is feeling the atmosphere and starts the first beats with a grin on his face. People are pouring in and are captured by the upsweeping tunes. The vibe is excellent, the audience is ready. Everybody is excited and is willing to party! Then, when the crowd has been warmed up, it’s off to the next phase. The foundation is solid. The mood is set!

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The inevitable mass euphoria

And the show has begun. The infectious energy behind the booth is felt by the audience. The atmosphere on the dance floor is very relaxed. The party crowd is feeling free, having fun and giving out nothing but positive energy. They are being swept from one surprise to the next. Multiple effects are mercilessly creating an inevitable feeling of mass euphoria. New and old music are effortlessly blended into a seamless eclectic mix of recognizable tracks. Yes, we like!

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It’s the mood that makes the music

This is what we came for and this is what we want to hear. Mark is stepping up to the plate. His enthusiasm enhances the excitement in the venue. All the elements for a good party are coming together. With just a few words and gestures Mark is able to create sublime unity. We are seeing an outgoing Mark More who connects with the audience and throws an unbeatable party. This is one for the record books!

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Resume DJ Mark More

Mark’s musical knowledge is extensive. The records he picks are often recognizable, diverse, energetic and slighty pushing the limit. His mostly adult target audience can be described as ‘ musically open minded, educated, hip and contemporary’. Mark More is a perfect fit for a classy corporate celebration as well as an luxurious wedding event. He also makes the Ziggo Dome’s (Club Ziggo) afterparty a sensational success every time.
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